4/12/14 Blackhawks @ Predators: Patrick Sharp lays a hit on referee Tim Peel

yo big g where is ur hand goin’ x


This makes me so happy

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Lähinnä ehkä siinä on enemmän se, että Suomessa mä luulen, että pelaan Jyväskylässä. Se on lähinnä se ainut mikä vaikuttaa ehkä enemmänkin kuin palkka. —Periaatteessa Immonen voisi pelata KHL-Jokereissa mutta käytännössä Jyväskylä on lähempänä.

Get to know your Tumblr-er

What is your middle name? Sylvia.

What are you passionate about? pretty much hockey. that’s all. 

Do you have any fears? tight squeeze, at least kinda. for example,  i have never been in a snow castle bc i just can’t go inside no matter how big the castle is (or maybe i’m just afraid of snow castles who knows) and i hate elevators. i’m also little afraid of heights.

Silver or gold?  i use mostly silver jewelries so i guess silver. 

Top three places to visit: well, i have been abroad only twice, once in Greece in Corfu and once in Crete in Chania, and they were both great places! 

Where are you from? Central Finland.

First career you wanted as a child: florist.

What’s your sign? Capricorn.

Future names of your children: Viola, Atte ja Tatu (i have all planned already!)

What are you listening to right now? Dingo - Levoton Tuhkimo

Do you believe in fate/destiny? on some days i do, on some days i don’t.

What are your career goals? i’d like to be kindergarten teacher some day.

What is your favorite color?  light green.

What is your favorite flower?  Zantedeschia was the only English sounding name for them i could find but they look like this. i like especially the white and dark red ones! 

What was the first concert/show you attended? some kind of kids music show or something like that. i have never been to a real real concert. 

Something you are working on right now? nothing ahahha. 

Have you ever had a near-death experience? no, i haven’t.

Are you a procrastinator or do you get things done early? procrastinator for sure!

 Left or right handed? right handed.

TV Shows and anime you watch regularly: lately i have been watching Sleepy Hollow, Vikings and Reign. and i started to re-watch Bones!!! 

Halloween costume idea for this year? i have never dressed up for Halloween.

What is your relationship status? 4ever single.

Last movie you watched? i can’t remember! tho it was most likely Pride and Prejudice… or Knight and Day, it must have been that this time.

toastbaby whispered: Ha, I knew it was Olli, I know my head coach ♥ (viittaan siis noihin sun tageihin :D)


Aww Sylvia, what a cute name :3 My second name is Suvi, pretty similar but not as cute :D

I know I’m cute, thank you very much (✿◠‿◠) JUST KIDDING!!

It was my mom’s aunt’s name and mom thought it was nice so she wanted to give it to me, and I have been thinking that maybe I could give it to my girl, if I ever have one, for the second name but I don’t know if Viola Sylvia would sound nice. (But Sylvia means forest and Helena means sun so they go great together, and Viola means violet so that and Sylvia would go great together, too!!)

I got side-tracked (once again), what were we talking about?? Suvi… yes, kinda same but still not! :DD


Why date a 19 year old when you could date a 19 year old in the NHL

toastbaby whispered: You asked for it, so here we go: B. Gally, A. Gally and Carey Price (Idek why all these Habs players... :D)
  • Husband: Gally (they’re like a two for the Price of one deal right?? (did u see what i did there? eheheh)) For real, Gally A would be my choice of husband. Or Price. Or B. Gally (I’m not moving forward at all with this….)
  • Best friend: chkhkjeese I don’t know… Price seems like a guy I could tell all my secrets to and know that they’re safe so maybe Price.
  • last but not least B. Gally as my brother!! 

Merci chéri ♥ 




PLOT TWIST: Selena Gomez has a crush on Logan Couture.

Is this before or after Biz is named player of the year?

It’s after Kane divorces Toews and marries Rask

barca-penguins whispered: Malkin, Hossa, Rask :)
  • Husband: Malkin
  • Best friend: Rask
  • Brother: Hossa so I could say that the love for KitKats runs in the family :D 

D’akujem!! (I don’t even know if it’s right but hey, I gotta blame Google Translator for that :DD) 


why do people expect so much of me i still have to use a calculator to find what 6 times 8 is